So here it is! My brand spankin' new blog!

For now, I've named it Black Orchid. Because the orchid is one of the most mesmerizing and hearty flowers there is. And this blog will carry a great deal of my own hearty self!

I haven't officially blogged since 2008 (for a complex number of reasons that I may soon write about), but in the meantime, I'm here, I'm excited and I'm ready to explore a plethora of topics. These pages will be a landing pad for my thoughts, feelings and ideas about living a passionate life.

What does a passionate life entail? One that is nuanced and true and unafraid to be examined or challenged; one that is creative and daring and exploratory and certainly one that grows.

I'm in the midst of updating my complete website and this is a starting point.

So get yourself a frosty (or frothy) beverage, get comfortable and enjoy this journey with me. I'm glad you're here.